Animal Removal

raccoonRacoons can also tear up the home, because they can climb walls and tear through roofs to find a nesting place. Raccoons can cause serious damage to pipes. And wires, therefore it’s a good idea to call pest control, if they are present. Squirrels can cause damage to the home by chewing through wood, which can lead to water damage, and in turn cause black mold , which is very expensive to get rid of. When the home is up to code the wires should be invaded in a metal tubing which squirrels can not chew through. The squirrels chewing through wires can also lead to fires which can be extremely dangerous to the home.

Roaches are another type of pest that can infest a home in a short amount of time. Roaches multiply really fast, spread diseases, and have even been known to cause asthma. Bed bugs are another bug that can infest the home. Bed bugs hide well and are really hard to get rid of if not treated by a professional. Flies are another pest that get in the house and can carry over one-hundred pathogens. When there are a lot of flies in the home it would be a good idea to get rid of them. Woodpeckers cause limited damage, but can still damage the home by putting holes in wood, damaging siding or an air conditioning unit. Honey bees are surprisingly a threat to the home, because they build a beehive. Once the bees are exterminated or they leave the hive the wax and honey mold creating a feeding frenzy for other bugs and rodents.

snakeSnakes are another critter that can invade a household. Snakes don’t cause immediate damage but they may give some one quite a fright. They slither in through cracks in the slab, gaps in doors and holes. One should first investigate if and where the holes,gaps are. Once the crevices have been identified, caulk should be purchased. Sealing the spaces will keep all unwanted critters out including those pesky snakes. No matter what the pest, a professional can be called, to control, and get rid of them. The most important thing, to remember, about pest, is some of them, can be dangerous, and expensive, if they are not taken care of.